State Assembly candidate being called a hero

Matt in the News:  State Assembly candidate being called a hero (Associated Press & ABC 7)

Matt Gray has the experience and proven track record, with 20 years of direct involvement in navigating California’s political process and seeing through the smokescreen created by special interest groups.

As a moderate, Matt supports small businesses because they provide jobs and jobs provide employees with the ability to support their standard of living.  We need to keep people employed in California, and we need to attract businesses to our state.

Matt is seen as an independent thinker in taking on issues which go against the grain of the ”politics as usual” machine in the Capitol, as he decides issues based upon their individual merit (and not what special interests say to do).  As you can imagine, this upsets the special interest groups who want to endorse a weaker candidate that they can control.

Above all, Matt recognizes that ”party politics” keep getting in the way of passing reasonable laws that are in the best interest of California.

Matt is fed up with how in every election, candidates say the same old things to incite emotions and manipulate voters, without providing details on workable solutions. For example, watch as candidates say they want to be ”tough on crime” and yet do nothing to support proven ideas that effectively stop crime before it happens.

Instead, candidates propose to just build more prisons (but not raise taxes), which is really a lazy response for after a crime has occurred and after another person has been victimized. The truth is prison, while sometimes appropriate, is the most expensive response to crime; and no new taxes to build new prisons means either further funding cuts to education and healthcare, or borrowing more money (i.e. bonds) to push California even further in debt.

Having worked in the Capitol, Matt knows how lawmakers continue to avoid voting the ”right way” on tough issues?  Why do their self-serving interests outweigh the well-being to vote the ”right way” on the tough issues? Because they believe the voters will not actually support common sense solutions. Since lawmakers want to keep their jobs, they continue to vote like sheep.  That’s why politicians keep promoting candidates with vague messages and platforms that lack any meaningful detail.

Matt believes the voters” interests can be represented with the right candidate.  With Matt as our Assemblyman, we can “SEND THE MESSAGE” to lawmakers in the Capitol that voters do know what they want, we have had enough of politics as usual, and we expect workable solutions.  Californians are facing important issues that impact their daily lives, and we deserve to have elected officials who will stand up for taxpayers and make the tough votes.

Whether it is children and their education, healthcare, public safety, water, environment, transportation, business andeconomic development, or energy, Matt’s strong scientific background and technical abilities serve him well in properly understanding the depth of issues, and proposing realistic solutions to California’s complex problems.

While many candidates fail to provide specifics, expecting voters to read-into what they say, Matt is very specific in what he stands for and what you can expect of him.  For more details, look through the “Key Issues” menu to the left.